Introduction & Some small patches

Tobias Gruetzmacher tobias at
Mon Jul 3 17:53:15 CEST 2006


I'm new to DSLinux development. I think I may contribute one or another
patch (and stupid idea ;) ) in the future. I'm starting with 3 small
patches, which can be found here: (BTW: Is
it ok to attach patches to this mailing list?)

The patches do the following:
1. Fix rc.d in some builds. The content of the CVS directory was copied.
2. Remove a generated file from the repository. (Mathomatic man page)
3. Add support for setting DNS servers in the network config.

The patches were exported from a local git repository which I generated
by mirroring the DSLinux CVS. If there is interest in a public git
mirror of the DSLinux code, I try to set something up. I'm still
experimenting with git myself, so things may be broken (but the patches
look alright to me ATM :)).

I also made some local changes to the wfcdump source to make it easily
usable from the network configuration, but this program seems to be in
flux, is there something planned with it?  IMHO the most useful output
for the network configuration whould be direct "name=value" lines, so
ypu can just do

	eval `wfcdump -c $wfc_config`

to configure the DSLinux networking from the WFC settings (I have a
local copy that does this, but I need to catch up with some changes in
the DSLinux CVS).

Greetings Tobi

PS: I also pulled up the wireless_tools to version 28 in my local copy,
but you probably want to do that with a branch, right?
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