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DAVY Guillaume dark.calculator at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 23:32:25 CET 2006

If I have well understood the wiki I must post my patch here. 
So I port nbsmtp whose permit to send email via smtp. The original
program can use ssl but I haven't managed to link it with ssl : lot of
error with the lib.
I have test nbsmtp it works I wish that you will be able to use it
because I haven't understood immediately(when it was committed, i will
make an howto in the wiki).
This is an example of what you can enter to test it :

#nbsmtp -f from at adresse.com -h smtp.server.com
to: to at adresse.com
subject: test

<ctrl + d>

There is a problem with the point because he appears in the message but
it's just because i don't know well how it works. ;-) 

This is the nbsmtp main page : http://nbsmtp.ferdyx.org/.
The source that i use is here.

Good bye.

dark calculator
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