Patch to add tmsnc 0.3.2 to DSLinux

John S. Skogtvedt jss2k2 at
Sun Dec 24 15:56:03 CET 2006

Stefan Sperling skrev:
> Hey John,
> I don't think this patch got committed yet.
> Do you want to rework this patch to call the configure script
> at DSLinux build time as now described at
> ?
> I'd like all new patches this way, and I'll also try
> to convert ports that are already in the tree to the
> "new way of doing things since we now have subversion
> so we can move directories so we can finally make everything
> consistent"...
> I've started doing this with libssl, and I'm pleased with
> the result. The diff against upstream is much smaller.

OK, will get around to it some time.
tmsnc has at least one bug when HAVE_ICONV is not defined, in my patch I 
fixed one visible one (junk from the buffer would be left in messages 
sent to contacts), but there may be more, so perhaps it's better if it's 
fixed upstream (not sure how well maintained tmsnc is these days though).

Just submitted a bug upstream (should have done it sooner, a bit lazy).
Will wait for a while and see if they fix it and if not dig through the 
code myself, and then submit a new patch.

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