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as some of you may already know, we have been wanting to get rid
of CVS for some time now.

I've evaluated moving to git, but the cvs->git conversion tools are
still very buggy and do not handle our repository gracefully.
Whole branches disappear, for example, which is totally unacceptable.

Converting our CVS repository to Subversion seems to work a lot
better, so pepsiman and I have decided to go for Subversion instead.

I've started testing Subversion heavily.
I am doing all my testing on a copy of the repository, the live repository
has not been moved yet. I expect the move to happen during the next few weeks.
In the end it all depends on how fast things go at in-berlin, since
the repository will also be moved to a new server, which needs to be ready
first. It's already running but not yet being backed up. I want backups to
run before I dare doing anything serious on the box.

Shortly before moving the repository, I will post an announcement to
this list and IRC, and I will make the CVS repository read-only.

I have already started updating the developer docs in the wiki.
Tonight I have converted the DSLinux_CVS page to Subversion:
It would be great if comitters and people interested in becoming
comitters could read the new docs, and let me know what you think.
You may very likely find some errors in there if you read carefully.
Please correct any of them if you can :) And I guess while reading the
new docs most of you will find that Subversion makes things a _lot_
easier for us than CVS, especially when it comes to branching.

Note that the structure of the repo as suggested in the docs
may still change. I am not sure whether what I came up
with is the best possible way of doing things. I am open to any
suggestions you may have.

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