ucfront and the C++ header problem

Stefan Sperling stsp at stsp.in-berlin.de
Sun Aug 27 23:09:33 CEST 2006


the recently discovered problem with standard C++ headers like
<iostream> not being found seems to be related to ucfront-g++.

If I compile a simple C++ test program with ucfront-g++ at the front
of the command line, <iostream> is not found.

However, if I compile the test program without ucfront-g++ at the
front of the command line, <iostream> is found.

I don't remember what benefits we are getting from ucfront anyway.
As far as I know, ucfront is supposed to deal with mismatching
C-libraries the toolchain was compiled with and the compiled program
is linked with. I don't see why we still need this kind of
functionality since the new toolchain uses uClibc as do all of our
programs. (Devkitarm uses newlib as C library.)

Can we drop ucfront to solve the C++ header issue?
Or is there a better fix for this?
Or do we even need ucfront for something else?

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