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Tue Oct 3 13:24:50 CEST 2006

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adding pristine copy of pixil to HEAD so I can branch from it

--- NEW FILE: Makefile ---
# libs/Makefile
# This will build all of the nessesary libraries

# Set the compiler targets for FLNX configure

export CC=$(TARGET_CROSS)gcc
export CXX=$(TARGET_CROSS)g++
export AR=$(TARGET_CROSS)ar
export NM=$(TARGET_CROSS)nm
export RANLIB=$(TARGET_CROSS)ranlib
export LD=$(TARGET_CROSS)ld

# FLNX and FLEK are always built


target-$(CONFIG_PAR) += xml

target-$(CONFIG_PIM_ADDRESS) += pim
target-$(CONFIG_PIM_NOTEPAD) += pim
target-$(CONFIG_PIM_TODO) += pim
target-$(CONFIG_PIM_SCHEDULE) += pim

target-$(CONFIG_APP_ALARM) += pim
target-$(CONFIG_APP_CALC) += pim
target-$(CONFIG_APP_MAIL) += pim
target-$(CONFIG_APP_SYSCONFIG) += pixlib pim
target-$(CONFIG_SYNC) += pim sync

ifeq ($(CONFIG_NANOX),y)
target-$(CONFIG_APP_ALARM) += wm
target-$(CONFIG_PIXILWM) += pixlib wm xml
target-$(CONFIG_APP_NETCONFIG) += pixlib wm
target-$(CONFIG_NANOX_PIXCAL) += pixlib

# This will ensure that we only build one target at a time
DIRS=$(sort $(target-y))
LOCAL=$(sort $(local-target-y))

subdir-build = $(patsubst %,_subdir_%,$(DIRS))
subdir-clean = $(patsubst %,_clean_%,$(DIRS))
subdir-install = $(patsubst %,_install_%,$(DIRS))

local-build = $(patsubst %,_build_%,$(LOCAL))
local-clean = $(patsubst %,_clean_%,$(LOCAL))
local-install = $(patsubst %,_install_%,$(LOCAL))

all: $(subdir-build) $(local-build)
clean: $(subdir-clean) $(local-clean)
install: $(subdir-install) $(local-install)

$(subdir-build): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _subdir_%,%,$@)

$(subdir-clean): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _clean_%,%,$@) clean

$(subdir-install): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _install_%,%,$@) install

###### Local targets #######

	(cd $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx; ./configure \
	--host=$(SYS) \
        --build=$(BUILD_SYS) \
	--enable-shared \
	--with-microwin=$(strip $(subst ",, $(MW_PREFIX))))
	touch $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/.configured

_build_flnx: $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/.configured
	make -C $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/src -e 

	rm -f $(STAGE_DIR)/lib/libfltk.a $(STAGE_DIR)/lib/libfltk.so $(STAGE_DIR)/lib/libfltk.so.1
	ln -s $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/lib/libfltk.a $(STAGE_DIR)/lib
	ln -s $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/lib/libfltk.so $(STAGE_DIR)/lib
	ln -s $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/lib/libfltk.so $(STAGE_DIR)/lib/libfltk.so.1

_install_flnx: dummy
	cp flnx/lib/libfltk.so $(INSTALL_DIR)/lib/
	rm -f $(INSTALL_DIR)/lib/libfltk.so.1
	ln -s $(INSTALL_DIR)/lib/libfltk.so $(INSTALL_DIR)/lib/libfltk.so.1

_clean_flnx: dummy
	if [ -f $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/makeinclude ]; then \
		make -C $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx distclean; \
	rm -f $(BASE_DIR)/libs/flnx/.configured


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