dslinux/user/pixil/apps Config.in Makefile

amadeus dslinux_amadeus at user.in-berlin.de
Tue Oct 3 13:24:21 CEST 2006

Update of /cvsroot/dslinux/dslinux/user/pixil/apps
In directory antilope:/tmp/cvs-serv11916/apps

Added Files:
	Config.in Makefile 
Log Message:
adding pristine copy of pixil to HEAD so I can branch from it

--- NEW FILE: Config.in ---
menu "Applications"

source apps/nanox/Config.in
source apps/games/Config.in
source apps/fltk/Config.in


--- NEW FILE: Makefile ---
# apps/Makefile


target-$(CONFIG_NXAPPS) += nanox
target-$(CONFIG_GAMES) += games
target-$(CONFIG_FLTKAPPS) += fltk

# This will ensure that we only build one target at a time
DIRS=$(sort $(target-y))

subdir-build = $(patsubst %,_subdir_%,$(DIRS))
subdir-clean = $(patsubst %,_clean_%,$(DIRS))
subdir-install = $(patsubst %,_install_%,$(DIRS))

all: $(subdir-build) 
clean: $(subdir-clean)
install: $(subdir-install) 

$(subdir-build): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _subdir_%,%,$@)

$(subdir-clean): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _clean_%,%,$@) clean

$(subdir-install): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _install_%,%,$@) install


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