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amadeus dslinux_amadeus at user.in-berlin.de
Tue Oct 3 13:24:25 CEST 2006

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	Makefile README 
Log Message:
adding pristine copy of pixil to HEAD so I can branch from it

This is based on splay, which can be found at

Unless otherwise tagged, all code in this directory belongs to them.

If anyone is ever caught with a copy of the FLTK frontend that they wouldn't
be afraid to admit to, please submit it to the splay folks.

--- NEW FILE: Makefile ---
# apps/mp3/Makefile

DIRS=mpegsound frontend

subdir-build = $(patsubst %,_subdir_%,$(DIRS))
subdir-clean = $(patsubst %,_clean_%,$(DIRS))
subdir-install = $(patsubst %,_install_%,$(DIRS))

all: $(subdir-build)
clean: $(subdir-clean)
install: $(subdir-install)

$(subdir-build): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _subdir_%,%,$@)

$(subdir-clean): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _clean_%,%,$@) clean

$(subdir-install): dummy
	@ $(MAKE) -C $(patsubst _install_%,%,$@) install


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