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  ircII 2.8 + BitchX Documentation
  Patrick J. Edwards, pje120 at cs.usask.ca
  Tue Feb 13 13:50:47 GMT 1996
  1.  Introduction
  BitchX is a new and exciting IRC client being written by Colten
  Edwards <http://mailto:edwac@sk.sympatico.ca>. It includes many new
  features that IRCists have been asking for. The sources are based on
  ircii-Plutotium and ircii-EPiC to create a new and distictive IRC
  client. Heres a small list of the cool features you get with BitchX:
  o  When run under Linux, BitchX has an added bonus of being in full
  o  Friends, Shit, and Bot Lists built in.
  o  Built in Link Looking, incase your into split servers.
  o  Millisecond accuracy on a ping.
  o  Several new functions for scripters to use, and a few new
  o  Extended set of DCC commands and options, like auto-getting,
     queues, public offers, and graphical displays.
  o  A more logical command set, like /W for /WHO and /WI for /WHOIS.
  o  Mass functions, like mass ban, mass op, etc.
  o  And tons of other commands, like /RESET and /MESG, incase your not
     very popular on IRC.
  You may be thinking great. But I get all that functionality from a
  script, or you maybe thinking BitchX is a script. Well, read on for
  more of an explanation of what BitchX is all about.
  First of all, its not a script. Secondly, when you load up a script
  say Phoenix or LiCe it takes a long time to load. Plus you probably
  have other scripts that you load. For example I used to load up to
  100k of scripts. That 100k would take up alot of memory, and was slow
  loading, and slow executing. BitchX doesn't have this problem. It has
  all these commands loaded hard-coded into the syetem, and the
  executable approximately the same size.
  The bottom line is IRC load fast, it does everything fast, in less
  Well, if you have read up to this point, and are thinking BitchX is a
  good thing, you can get it from The BitchX Homepage
  2.  New commands
  2.1.  Fixed/Changed Commands
  These commands existed before in ircII, but now are either fixed or
  changed in some way. Likely, in a better, more natural way.
     D  Can be used for DESCRIBE.
     I  see INVITE.
        Now works like this, /I nick1 nick2 to the current channel, and
        /I nick1 #channel1 nick2 channel2.
     IG <nick>
        Ignore lamer by user at host.
     IGH <nick>
        Ignore lamer's whole host.
     NIG <nick>
        Unignore lamer.
     J <channel>
        For JOIN.
     L channel
        For PART. If no argument is given the current channel is left.
     M <nick or channel>
        For MSG.
     N channel
        For NAMES. If no argument is given the current channel is used.
     T string
        For TOPIC. If no argument is given it shows the topic on the
        current channel.
     SC channel
        For NAMES. If no argument is given the current channel is used.
     W channelmask
        Does a WHO. If no arguments are given it does a WHO on the
        current channel.
     WI nick
        Does a WHOIS. If no arguement is given, a WHOIS is done on your
     WII nicknick
        Simular to WI.
     WW nick
        Does a WHOWAS.
        Directs last message to the current channel.
        Directs last notice to the current channel.
  2.2.  Mass Commands
  These are for doing mass operations on a channel.
     MOP channel pattern
        Mass op. Does a /MODE channel +o on all people.
     MD channel pattern
        Mass deop. Does a /MODE channel -o on all people.
     MK channel <pattern> reason
        Mass kick on non-ops matching pattern.
     MB channe pattern
        Mass ban all non-ops.
     MKB channel <pattern> reason
        Mass kickban of all non ops matching pattern.
     MUB channel pattern
        Mass unban.
        See MULTI.
     MULTI channel nick1 nick2 ... nickn :reason
        Kick multiple nicks off the channel with optional reason.
  2.3.  Ban/Unban/Kick/Unkick Commands
  Should you havethe chance to become an op on a popular channel, you
  might need a few of these.
     K channel <nick> reason
        Kick nick from channel.
     FUCKchannel <nick> reason
        Kick and Ban nick from channel.
     BAN channel <nick>
        Ban nick from channel.
     SBAN channel <nick>
        Ban nick's entire site from channel.
     SK channel <nick> reason
        Site Kick and Ban nick.
     UB channel nick-pattern
        If no arguements are given all bans on the channel will be
  2.4.  List Commands
  Frequently, you may find people that you trust alot on IRC, these are
  you friends. But even more frequently you'll find people on IRC are
  annoying, so annoying that they deserve to be shitlisted. That's what
  this whole section is about.
     BOT <nick> <channel>
        Add user as a bot to a channel. Channel can be a *.
     UNBOT <nick> <channel>
        Remove nick from the bot list.
     ADDUSER <nick> <channel> level autoop prot passwd
        Add nick to your personal friends list on channel. Level,
        autoop, prot, and passwd are all optional, and default to
        nothing, except Level, which defaults to 40. The following are
        for the level.
        25 Enable ctcp invite and whoami.
           Ops channel ops and and unbans.
           Disable flood protection, plus Kick and Deop.
        Autoop values are:
        0  No ops.
        1  10 second delay before oping.
        2  instant autoop.
           does nothing.
        Note that the user is not saved until a SAVELIST is issued.
     UNUSER <nick>
        Deletes a user from the user list.
     ADDSHIT <nick> <channel> <level> reason
        Adds a user to the shit list.
     UNSHIT <nick>
        Removes a user from the shit list.
        Displays all users in the friends list.
        Displays all users in the shit list.
        Displays all users in the bot list.
        Save the shit, friends, and bot lists. This saves the
        information to the $(CTOOLZ_DIR)/BitchX.sav file.
        Saves information to the .ircrc over writing it.
  2.5.  Miscellaneous Commands
  2.6.  DCC Commands
  3.  New SET commands
  Along with the new IRC there are new options you can set.
     ANNOY_KICK on|off
        Kick people for using bold, inverse, or beep on protected
     AOP on|off
        Set on if you want to automatically op people.
     AUTOCK on|off
        Kicks people who send /xdcc * send.
     AUTO_NSLOOKUP on|off
        Sets whether IP numbers are looked up on a /JOIN or /WHOIS.
     AUTO_REJOIN 0|1|2|3|4|5
        Sets how you should auto rejoin if kicked from a channel. The
        channel key is remebered.
        0  off.
        1  rejoin normally.
        2  rejoin with a newuser name (the person's who kicked you).
        3  rejoin with a random nick name.
        4  rejoin with a random user name.
        5  rejoin with a random user name and nick name.
     CHECK_BEEP_USERS on|off
  4.  New functions
  Firstly the new functions:
        Inserts random ^B, ^V, ^_, and makes random letters capitals.
        Makes aa.bb.cc into *.bb.cc format.
        Makes ThInGs lOoK LiKe tHiS.
        Increases your eleetness.
        Shows the channel key.
        Strips ansi sequences from text.
        Display up time in Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.
     $open(file RW|R|W T|B)
        Opens a file descriptor.
        Reads from a file returning text.
     $write(number args)
        Write args to a file.
        Returns if EOF of file or not.
        Closes a file.
     $rename(oldfile newfile)
        Renames a file.
        Rot 13's text.
        compat ctoolz null function.
        Read msg log file.
        Removes msg log file.
  And the new variables:
     $E Shows idle time.
     $F Time online.
     $J Shows which version of IRC is in use.
     $X Userhost.
     $Y Real name.
New status line variables:
        %D Show dcc percentage done on status line.
        %^ Show number of recieved messages while away on status line.
  5.  The Future of BitchX

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