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Adding pristine copy of BitchX so I can branch from it.


This source was written in my spare time and was intended for immediate
release....originally.  There were some issues with the fact that napster may
become rather ugly if little green trolls start writing hacks and bots for
napster.  But whatever, open source is your friend.  This release is probably
against the wishes of many, very sorry.  I'm sure the napster product will
survive just fine.  With the release of gnap I figured what the hell, I'll send
out what I had been working on as well.  Lets see what happens.

Feel free to use any of this code as a base/example.
If you use any of the code, simply give credit where its due.

*Please make note that *NONE* of this code is complete.  If you dont code C
then you're fucked.  This is intended for developers only.  I do not plan
on completing a client at the current time.  This is what I have, and
where I left off.

Released 11-30-99.

All source by Drago (drago at 0x00.org).  Email if you have any questions/comments.

Another open source napster clone can be found at http://gnap.soundforge.net 
Information and the official napster software can be found at http://www.napster.com

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