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			Locale-Codes Distribution

For changes in this release, please see the ChangeLog file.

This distribution contains four Perl modules which can be used to process
ISO codes for identifying languages, countries, scripts,
and currencies & funds.

	Two letter codes for language identification (ISO 639).
	For example, 'en' is the code for 'English'.

	Codes for country identification (ISO 3166). This module
	supports the three different code sets defined by the
	standard: alpha-2, alpha-3, and numeric codes.
	For example, 'bo' is the code for 'Bolivia'.

	Three letter codes for currency and fund identification (ISO 4217).
	For example, 'sek' is the code for 'Swedish Krona'.

	Codes for script identification (ISO 15924). This module supports
	the three different code sets defined by the standard:
	alpha-2, alpha-3, and numeric codes.

To install these modules, you should just have to run the following:

	% perl Makefile.PL
	% make
	% make test
	% make install

The modules are documented using pod. When you "make install", you
will get four man-pages: Locale::Language, Locale::Country,
Locale::Currency, Locale::Script.

The first version of Locale::Currency was written by Michael Hennecke,
with modifications for inclusion by me. Kudos to Michael.

Please let me know if you experience any problems with these modules,
or have any ideas for additions.

Neil Bowers
<neil at bowers.com>

--- NEW FILE: ChangeLog ---

		ChangeLog for Locale-Codes Distribution

2.07  2004-06-10 neilb
	* made $_ local in the initialisation code for each module
		change back-propagated from Perl distribution
	* removed two non ISO-8859-1 characters from language names
		change back-propagated from Perl distribution
	* added the following aliases, with a test case for each
		- Burma added to Myanmar
		- French Southern and Antarctic Lands to
		  French Southern Territories
	  patch from TJ Mather
	* "Canadian Dollar" was mis-spelled as "Candian Dollar"
		- noted by Nick Cabatoff, patch from Michael Hennecke
	* Changes to Locale::Country reflecting changes in ISO 3166
		- added Aland Islands (ax, ala, 248)
			YU => CS
			YUG => SCG
			891 => 891 (unchanged)
			(YUGOSLAVIA retained as an alias)
			(old name retained as an alias)
		- three letter code for Romania changed from ROM to ROU
			ZR  => CD
			ZAR => COD
			180 => 180 (unchanged)
			(ZAIRE retained as alias)

2.06  2002-07-15 neilb

	* The four modules which have data after __DATA__ weren't
	  closing the DATA filehandle after reading from it,
	  which they should. Bug and patch from Steve Hay.

2.05  2002-07-08 neilb

	* Added three letter codes for the countries that were missing
	  them. Patch from TJ Mather.
	* Documentation bug: one of the examples used => where the
	  lvalue was a constant, which isn't allowed, unless you
	  put the () with the constant to force the right interpretation.
	  Pointed out by TJ Mather and MYT.
	* Updated the URL for the appendix in the CIA world factbook.
	  Patch from TJ Mather.

2.04  2002-05-23 neilb

	* updated according to changes in ISO 3166-1 described
	  in ISO 3166-1 newsletters V-4 and V-5, dated 2002-05-20:
		- Kazakstan is now "Kazakhstan"
		- Macau is now "Macao"
	  The old names are retained as aliases.

	  The alpha-2 and alpha-3 codes for East Timor have changed:
		tp -> tl
		tmp -> tls
	  the numeric code stays 626. If you want to support the old
	  codes, you can use the semi-private function alias_code().

2.03  2002-03-24 neilb

	* Fixed a typo in the alias for the Vatican, reported (with patch)
	  by Philip Newton.
	* Added "Moldova" as an alias for "Moldova, Republic of"
	* Updated Makefile.PL to include AUTHOR and ABSTRACT

2.02  2002-03-09 neilb

	* added semi-private routine rename_country() to Locale::Country,
	  based on a patch from Iain Chalmers.
	* added test rename.t for the above function.
	* renamed _alias_code to be alias_code. Have retained the old
	  name for backwards compatibility. Will remove it when the
	  major version number next changes.

2.01  2002-02-18 neilb

	* Split the documentation for all modules into separate pod files.
	* Made sure all =over were =over 4; some were other values.
	* The code2code() methods had one more shift than was needed.

2.00  2002-02-17 neilb

	* Created Locale::Script which provides an interface to the
	  ISO codes for identification of scripts (writing scripts,
	  rather than perl style scripts). The codes are defined
	  by ISO 15924, which is currently in final draft.
	  Thanks to Jarkko for pointing out this new standard.
	  All three code sets are supported, and a test-suite added.

	* Added support for country name variants to Locale::Country,
	  so that
		country2code('United States')
		country2code('United States of America')
	  will all return 'us'.
	  This had been in the LIMITATIONS section since the first version.
	  Patch from TJ Mather <tjmather at tjmather.com> with additional
	  variants from me. Added test-cases for these.

	* Added VERSION to Locale::Constants. Thanks to Jarkko for
	  pointing that it was missing.

	* Should really have bumped major version with previous release,
	  since there was a change to the API.

1.06  2001-03-04 neilb

	Added Locale::Constants, which defines three symbols
	for identifying which codeset is being used:


	Updated Locale::Country to support all three code sets
	defined by ISO 3166. This was requested by Keith Wall.
	I haven't added multiple codeset support to the other
	modules yet - I'll wait until someone asks for them.

1.05  Feb 2001

	Added Locale::Currency, contribution from Michael Hennecke.
	Added testsuite for it (t/currency.t) and added testcases
	to t/all.t for the all_* functions.

1.04  Dec 2000

	Fixed very minor typos from 1.03!

1.03  Dec 2000

	Updated Locale::Country:
		- fixed spelling of a few countries
		- added link to a relevant page from CIA world factbook

	Updated Locale::Language:
		- fixed typo in the documentation (ISO 939 should be 639)

1.02  May 2000

	Updated Locale::Country and Locale::Language to reflect changes
	in the relevant ISO standards. These mainly reflect languages
	which are new to the relevant standard, and changes in the
	spelling of some country names.

	Added official URLs for the standards to the SEE ALSO sections
	of the doc for each module.

	Thanks to Jarkko Hietaniemi for pointing me at the pages
	with latest versions of ISO 3166 and 639.

1.00  March 1998

	Added Locale::Country::_alias_code() so that 'uk' can be added
	as the code for "United Kingdom", if you want it.
	This was prompted by Ed Jordan <ed at chronos.net>

	Added a new testsuite for handling this case, and extended the
	existing test-suite to include testing of the case where
	'uk' hasn't been defined as a valid code.

0.003 May 1997

	First public release to CPAN

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