dslinux/user/perl/ext/Digest/MD5/hints MacOS.pl dec_osf.pl irix_6.pl

cayenne dslinux_cayenne at user.in-berlin.de
Tue Dec 5 05:26:34 CET 2006

Update of /cvsroot/dslinux/dslinux/user/perl/ext/Digest/MD5/hints
In directory antilope:/tmp/cvs-serv7729/ext/Digest/MD5/hints

Added Files:
	MacOS.pl dec_osf.pl irix_6.pl 
Log Message:
Adding fresh perl source to HEAD to branch from

--- NEW FILE: irix_6.pl ---
# The Mongoose v7.1 compiler freezes up somewhere in the optimization of
# MD5Transform() in MD5.c with optimization -O3.  This is a workaround:

if ($Config{cc} =~ /64|n32/ && `$Config{cc} -version 2>&1` =~ /\s7\.1/) {
    $self->{OPTIMIZE} = "-O1";

--- NEW FILE: dec_osf.pl ---
if ($] < 5.00503 and !$Config{gccversion}) {
  print "
  Because of a bug with the DEC system C compiler, some tests in
  t/rfc2202.t will be skipped.  These tests fail because the compiler
  bug breaks Perl's 'x' operator for eight-bit characters.  The
  Digest:: modules themselves work and should be safe to install

  Versions of Perl after 5.005_03 will contain a workaround for the


--- NEW FILE: MacOS.pl ---
# MWCPPC compiler needs to crank down the optimizations

$self->{MWCPPCOptimize} = "-O1";

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