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2.31  Jun 28 14:00 2003
	- Win32 Compatibility fixes.
	  Patch by mhx-perl at gmx.net (Marcus Holland-Moritz)
	- Apply bleadperl patch #22204
	- Add ToS support.
	  Patch by martin at lorensen.dk (Martin Lorensen)

2.30  Apr 18 14:00 2003
	- Fix select() bug for UDP and ICMP protocols
	  in case packet comes from wrong source or seq.
	- Allow UDP ping to different IP addresses
	  without instantiating a new object.
	- Add retrans() method to customize or disable
	  backoff factor for udp pings.
	  Thanks Torgny.Hofstedt at sevenlevels.se
	- Let ECONNRESET be considered reachable for
	  UDP pings.  Now it works for cygwin.
	  Spot by jhi at iki.fi (Jarkko Hietaniemi).

2.29  Apr 12 15:00 2003
	- Implement "double send()" concept for udp pings.
	  See: <http://perlmonks.thepen.com/42898.html>
	  Thanks to rdw @ perlmonks.
	- Send multiple udp packets in case of loss.
	- Exponential backoff code swiped from Net::DNS
	  Thanks to mike at fuhr.org (Michael Fuhr).
	- Also allows to capture udp ECONNREFUSED condition.
	- Rename tcp_service_check method to service_check.
	- Allow demo/fping -s to force service check.
	  Idea by ralijani at yahoo.com (REZA Alijani)
	- Fix return from ping to be compatible with wantarray
	  when the host doesn't even resolve.
	- Add udp proto test to test suite.
	- VMS patch from Craig Berry to pre-check echo.
	- Apply bleadperl patch (change #18904)
	- Apply bleadperl patch as explained:

2.28  Jan 23 18:00 2003
	- No new features.  Bug fixes only.
	- Fixed ICMP_STRUCT to work on Big Endian platforms.
	  Thanks to danb at thelittlemacshop.com (Dan Buettner)
	  for testing on Mac OS X 10.2.3 and many others
	  for testing on Big Endian boxes.
	- Not do binmode(). Causes more problems than helps.
	- Perl 5.004 compatibility fixes (Spot by Honza).

2.27  Jan 15 23:00 2003
	- Patch by slebedev at iwl.net (Sergey Lebedev):
	- 1) Fixed response packet parsing offsets in ping_icmp.
	- 2) Added icmp_result method.
	- Patch by radu at netsoft.ro (Radu Greab):
	- 1) Changed ping_tcp() to use non-blocking connect
	  instead of alarm() interface in order to avoid
	  conflicts with user applications.
	- 2) Also get rid of all eval {} code in ping_tcp
	  in order to avoid catching SIGALRM trigger and
	  to avoid conflicts with other evals.
	- 3) Avoid ioctl() syscall for more accurate error
	  detection on non-blocking tcp connects.
	- 4) Fix fcntl() syntax usage.
	- Patch by adelton at fi.muni.cz (Honza Pazdziora):
	- 1) Fix icmp request pack code to be more platform
	  independent regardless of Big/Little Endian.
	- 2) Use binmode for filehandle in case perl 5.8.0
	  tries to dink with the data stream.
	- Other changes by Rob Brown:
	- Fixed ack() failures under certain rare conditions.
	- Use more appropriate \z instead of $ in regex.
	- Resolved Cygwin "make test" problems reported by
	  h.m.brand at hccnet.nl (H.Merijn Brand).
	- Add sending a real ICMP packet in the test suite.
	- Add Socket to PREREQ_PM (missing on some boxes?)
	- Adjust syn_forking IPC pipe for fatter Win32 pids.
	- Better handling of alarm() in test suite for Win32.
	- Add a DESTROY method to reduce chances of
	  lingering connect-choking children.

2.26  Dec 02 12:00 2002
	- More compatibility fixes.
	- Thanks for Solaris bug reports:
	  Paul.Gaborit at enstimac.fr (Paul Gaborit)
	  Jost.Krieger at ruhr-uni-bochum.de (Jost Krieger)
	- Thanks for Solaris testing box:
	  Gunther.Heintzen at rrze.uni-erlangen.de (Gunther Heintzen)
	- Solaris ENOTCONN select() for write choke bug.
	- Thanks for Cygwin bug reports:
	  h.m.brand at hccnet.nl (H.Merijn Brand)
	- Cygwin "EAGAIN instead of ECONNREFUSED" buttwag.

2.25  Nov 19 12:00 2002
	- Handle condition where O_NONBLOCK tcp connects
	  immediately fail without EINPROGRESS
	  (certain platforms or SMP optimizations).

2.24  Oct 21 22:00 2002
	- Compatibility fixes.
	- Avoid using and because
	  it breaks on some platforms (Irix).
	- Handle condition where nonblocking tcp connects
	  immediately connect on some platforms
	  (solaris and freebsd) and to be SMP safer.
	- Win32 $p->ack( $host ) method should now work.
	- Add ack( $host ) test cases to test suite.

2.23  Oct 18 22:00 2002
	- Fix ack() fd "each" detection bug.
	- Add nack() method for OO interface to the
	  reason why the ack() failed.
	- Fix premature "Timed out" side effect when a
	  different specified ack( $host ) fails.
	- IO::Socket::INET ephemeral port buttwag
	  hack for the t/450_service.t test.
	- Documental changes.

2.22  Oct 17 16:00 2002
	- Add $p->tcp_service_check() method to enforce
	  remote tcp service availability checking.
	  Patch by jef at linuxbe.org (Jean-Francois Dive).
	- Changed default behavior of "syn" protocol to
	  disabled tcp_service_check instead of enabled.
	- Win32 compatibility changes ("syn" protocol).
	- Increase timeouts for tests in case client or
	  server network(s) are busy.

2.21  Oct 14 12:00 2002
	- Preserve/restore ALRM settings for tcp mode pings.
	  Spot by d at niel-berlin.de (Daniel Berlin)
	- Can now select device for udp and icmp protocols.
	  Patch by sarfata at altern.org (Thomas Sarlandie).
	- Add new "syn" protocol to allow for mass parallel
	  (syncronous) TCP service reachability checking.
	- Add ack() method to utilize non-blocking connect
	  (SYN/ACK) feature of the "syn" protocol.
	- Add demo/fping script as a "syn" demonstration.
	- Compatibiliy patches for cygwin.
	  Spot by frazee.23 at osu.edu (Joseph Frazee)

2.20  Jun 20 10:00 2002
	- Perl 5.8.0 compatibility stuff.
	  Spot by dcd at tc.fluke.com (David Dyck).
	  And patch by jhi at iki.fi (Jarkko Hietaniemi).
	- Move INSTALL doc into perldoc.
	- Allow source_verify method to work
	  for icmp protocol as well as udp.
	  Spot by taner at taner.net (Taner Halicioglu)

2.19  Jun 03 19:00 2002
	- Add $p->source_verify method to skip source
	  endpoint verification of udp protocol pings for
	  those remote destinations with multiple interfaces
	  that may have the "reverse telnet" bug.
	  Spot by dcd at tc.fluke.com (David Dyck)
	- Moved files to more standard locations.
	- Less common martian used for ping test
	  to reduce conflicts

2.18  May 06 12:00 2002
	- More RPM spec generalizations.

2.17  May 03 18:00 2002
	- RPM spec generalizations.
	  michael.mclagan at linux.org (Michael McLagan)
	- Win32 compatibility changes.
	  (Didn't compile on Win32 since v2.11.)

2.16  Apr 11 14:00 2002
	- Documentation changes.
	- Added INSTALL doc.
	- Added README to rpm %doc.
	- Added neat MakeMaker constants routine.
	- Buttwag around Makefile.PL warnings:
	  o "the following files are missing in your kit"
	  o "is not a known MakeMaker parameter name"

2.15  Apr 06 23:00 2002
	- Added ABSTRACT info.
	- Allow for smoother upgrade from
	  from older Net::Ping versions.
	- Change default protocol from udp to tcp
	  so it will work on most default systems
	  without any arguments to new().

2.14  Apr 01 14:00 2002
	- Added text ip lookup feature.
	  e at arix.com (Erick Calder)

2.13  Apr 01 14:00 2002
	- Added ping time measuring feature.
	  e at arix.com (Erick Calder)
	- Optionally allow for high resolution
	  precision for timeouts and measuring
	  using the Time::HiRes module (Erick).

2.12  Feb 17 19:00 2002
	- More general error determination for
	  better cross platform consistency and
	  foreign language support.
	  Spotted by arnaud at romeconcept.com
	- Test changes for VMS (Craig Berry)

2.11  Feb 02 12:00 2002
	- Test changes in case echo port is not available.
	- Fix 110_icmp_inst.t to use icmp protocol
	  Spotted by craigberry at mac.com (Craig Berry)

2.10  Dec 26 12:00 2001
	- Added bind() function useful for clients with multiple
	  network interfaces performing the ping check thanks to
	  sethb at clarkhill.com (Seth Blumberg).
	- Execution optimizations for several constants (Seth).
	- More test changes in case Socket module is not available
	  (Jarkko Hietaniemi).

2.09  Dec 06 19:00 2001
	- Documental and test changes only.
	- No functional changes.

2.08  Dec 04 13:00 2001
	- Faster response for Win32 tcp_connect.
	- Better explanations in test comments.

2.07  Nov 28 13:00 2001
	- Compatibility changes
	- Works with UNIX and Win32 OS
	- Works with Perl 5.005 5.6.x 5.7.x 5.8.x
	- Applied several patches from distro
	- External protocol added thanks to
	  colinm at cpan.org (Colin McMillen)
	- Stream protocol added thanks to
	  bronson at trestle.com (Scott Bronson)

2.06  Nov 19 12:00 2001
	- Added Net-Ping.spec for RPM to easily
	  utilize using "rpm -ta Net-Ping*tar.gz"
	- Moved Copyright section to perldoc

2.05  Nov 18 20:00 2001
	- Added test suite

2.04  Nov 16 16:00 2001
	- Added CHANGES and README to tarball.
	- No functional changes.

2.03  Nov 15 12:00 2001
	- Portability adjustments to ping_tcp()
	  made by Rob Brown to work with most
	  default systems.

2.02  Sep 27 12:00 1996
	- Magic version by Russell Mosemann from CPAN

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