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=head1 NAME

Tutorial - Perl and Java


Java and Perl have different strengths and complement each other well.

You can connect them at runtime with tools such as JPL, PJC, or
ActiveX. In theory, you can convert Perl to Java bytecode, and

=head2 Note:

Not actually a conversion.

At this stage, we are generating Java opcodes by walking Perl's syntax
tree. This is very different from converting Perl to Java. It's a lot
[...1008 lines suppressed...]
=item 3 

If the constructor or method takes arguments, use getmeth to look up its

=item 4 

Use $self to access Java instance variables and methods.



Copyright (c) 1999, Brian Jepson

You may distribute this file under the same terms as Perl itself.

Converted from FrameMaker by  Kevin Falcone.


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