dslinux/user/perl/ext/IPC/SysV/hints cygwin.pl next_3.pl

cayenne dslinux_cayenne at user.in-berlin.de
Mon Dec 4 17:59:33 CET 2006

Update of /cvsroot/dslinux/dslinux/user/perl/ext/IPC/SysV/hints
In directory antilope:/tmp/cvs-serv17422/ext/IPC/SysV/hints

Added Files:
	cygwin.pl next_3.pl 
Log Message:
Adding fresh perl source to HEAD to branch from

--- NEW FILE: next_3.pl ---
$self->{CCFLAGS} = $Config{ccflags} . ' -D_POSIX_SOURCE' ;

--- NEW FILE: cygwin.pl ---
# SysV IPC is an optional Cygwin package
# Starting with cygwin 1.5.7, cygipc is deprecated in favor of
# cygserver (which requires no extra libs).
# Uncomment if for some reason you need to get this to work with cygipc.
#$self->{LIBS} = ['-lcygipc']

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