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Do not talk about PREFIX because it just confuses people.
Mention software required for the build to succeed.

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@@ -23,13 +23,19 @@
 start building the new toolchain. You can also simply rename the
 devkitARM directory to something else, for example devkitARM.dontuse.
-The default install prefix is ./prefix, which might not be what you want.
-To install in a different prefix, for example, /usr/local/toolchain,
-compile like this:
+You will need the following software installed on your system
+for the build to succeed:
-        make PREFIX=/usr/local/toolchain
+        * binutils
+        * gcc
+        * g++
+        * make
+        * patch
+        * bzip2
+        * GNU awk - most often called 'gawk'
-The toolchain can always be moved to a different prefix without trouble.
+All this software should be packaged with any general purpose Linux
 The build will want to download a couple of files (about 30MB total).
 If you want to get the files now and build the toolchain later, run:
@@ -40,7 +46,7 @@
         make clean
-To remove *everything* INCLUDING THE INSTALLED TOOLCHAIN, run:
+To remove *everything* INCLUDING THE COMPILED TOOLCHAIN, run:
         make nuke
@@ -50,13 +56,12 @@
 50 lines above the "make: Error X" line into your problem report.
 Otherwise no one will be able to figure out the error.
-Once the error is fixed (by you or someone else), run make again,
-including the PREFIX if you specified one. The build will continue
-from where it failed.
+Once the error is fixed (by you or someone else), run make again.
+The build will continue from where it failed.
-To use the toolchain, run this command to put the toolchain
-binaries in your PATH, assuming you are using the default prefix,
-and assuming your dslinux source tree resides in ~/dslinux:
+To use your self-compiled toolchain, run this command to put the
+toolchain binaries in your PATH, assuming your dslinux source tree
+resides in ~/dslinux:
         export PATH=~/dslinux/toolchain/prefix/bin:$PATH

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